BLACKLOTUS (PVT) LTD | Creative Agency in Sri Lanka

We entered the creative industry in 2009. Our clients know us to be results oriented, and smart and creative in our approach. We go beyond mere advertising and branding to offer a holistic look at what matters and what to obsess over. 

Our experience is in taking a brief and making it an experience, so we can help pare down the noise and identify the important things.

We will give our best to your project : From detailed communication to meticulous execution, we are there with you throughout the journey.

We take the time to get to know what our clients want. We deliver smart and personalised campaigns and content because we know our clients well. Our team of highly creative professionals work closely with our clients to birth the perfect campaign for each client.

Together we win.

And it’s our biggest strength.

Nelum Kalupahana

MD | Head of Creative Strategy

“I am a doctor, or rather, an Advertising Doctor. Indeed There are a wide ranging variety of Doctors in the world. Some of them treat theirnpatients using various modern technologies in Medicine such as MRA, X-ray and so on as some tend to rely on certain traditional methods of diagnosis such as observing Pulse as well as facial expressions of the patients. But in my case the most reliable diagnostic tools that I naturally tend to use are just my own heart, intuition and passion. To be honest I usually draw my own conclusions on my patients just using my own born passion, intuition and all good lessons that I have bumped into in different episodes of my own life story. Do believe me that that has never let me down.

Even the criteria that I used to select the other specialists for my hospital of Advertising were focused on the length, width and depth of their own passion and intuition about Advertising rather than mere blah blah blah embossed on pieces of colourful papers. Precisely they all have already made me proud of themselves with their staggering skills and insights into the job. They can thoroughly diagnose and treat any kind of patients being either on or off trend.

I always give my priority towards the observation of the natural behaviour of the consumer of the product that varies all the time so dramatically but not conventional and Conservative so called marketing strategies. Therefore I do literally prefer to be standing on the ground among people rather than concluding everything hanging on the Mass Media all the time. I usually rely on my own experience and observation right from the ground level. So we never tend to segregate what we do in advertising from that and this. The secret of our progress is always that we usually endeavour to gain the highest level of competence in Advertising.

And the ambition of the staff is to be the happiest advertising Team in the entire world. I’m so lucky to have a team who enjoy working on their own with great passion  dictated in any circumstance. That’s everything that I have earned. At the end of the day I would like to wish myself All the best and good luck to gain the coolest reality of life as it is as soon as I can.
And Let me wish you all too quite the same.”

Stefan Simonsson

Director | Marketing & Business Development

“I started my career as a mathematician but after studying technical subjects at the university of Linköping in Sweden and leadership and strategies for innovation at MIT in Boston my interest for entrepreneurship, business strategy and marketing grew. This led me down my current path in life. I studied online marketing and strategy for everything from established companies to start-ups. Along the way I also got a masters degree in education and I am currently working on my DBA (doctor of business administration). The focus is on tying technology and economics together to meet the needs of modern companies, helping them get the capabilities to survive in the changing media mix without the DNA needed to genuinely hack the digital space.

We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and being able to get your message out in the world and having a strong brand is key. Digital networks help us connect with people all over the world. This is exciting times for anyone that wants to spread a message and have a positive impact on society. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the fantastic team at Black Lotus and the trust they put in me.”

Ranjan Prabaswara

Director | Head of Creative

“Hitting the target accurately and on time is just my job.
I believe that I’ve gained the competence in achieving my target by instinct just like the hunter has.
That’s the identity and uniqueness that I have already secured in the infinity space of Advertising.”

Artha Rupasinghe

Director | Head of Packaging | VFX | Finance & Development

“First and foremost I would like to thank my Black Lotus Family who have contributed to the great achievements of our company for this past 12 years. The ability of Black Lotus team to manage all the challenges manually is something unique. Even in this covid pandemic, our team shows an unimaginable contribution to this company. We have worked with more than dozens of Brands and with that experience, we strengthened our Blacklotus team to adapt to the new norm. We provide clients with exceptional fresh experience and creativity that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. I’m very proud to be lead this family as Director of Finance & Development.”

Prageeth Suranga

Director | Head of Art

I do assume that gaining a Job in accordance with his born skills and passion should be a kind of serendipity written in the stars and moreover if he can enjoy his role with passion, precisely that’s much bigger stroke of luck in his career there.
Therefore, Black Lotus, I consider it as an enormous opportunity that I’ve got in my life in oder to enjoy my true passion from sheer heart even in what I’m supposed to carry out in my professional career.

Lalitha Nanayakkara

Director | Head of Production

“In the 15 years of experience in advertising world, This is not just a company, this is my another Family, I’m very honored that I have spent 8 years in the shadow of Blacklotus. From the elders to the youngest, we have very good understanding, trust, honesty and loving collectiveness, we are on the path to victory day by day. I am very happy to be a part in this journey, by sharing my experiences with them. Let’s accelerate to success….”

Lakmali Wickramasinghe

Manager | Marketing

“Working at Black Lotus for the past 7 years, gave me some of the best opportunities that could be offered in enhancing my knowledge and skills in particular, multitasking and all aspects of advertising.”

Rimzan Rizve

Senior Client Servicing Executive

“I have been together with Black Lotus for 3 years, they have provided me an opportunity to grow personally. There are so many people who motivated and taught me. I am proud to be a part of Black Lotus family.”

Ranga Prashantha

Manager | Studio 

“At Black Lotus we always strive to output the best quality work depending on the requirement but with our own touch. It’s the constant innovation and determination of the team which grows us year by year.”
Rahulan Mariathas

Manager | Creative & Strategy

It all starts with your mindset….
“More specifically your attitude towards deliver the desired satisfaction to the brands more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that preserves or enhances the consumers and society’s wellbeing. To generate game-changing ideasto any brand, you need to be unbiased and brave, and always find a way to satisfy and delight the consumers and build a long term relationship. I believe perfect questions make perfect solutions. “Black Lotus helped me to add a lot more color to my career, it is the right place to learn and execute my thoughts, Ideas and strategies on any platform as I wish. The complete integrity of our directors made the company indestructible. I’m very proud to work with Black Lotus as
Creative strategist and VFX Manager”.

Mercy Madona

Manager | Account & Finance

“I have been very happy working with Black Lotus and sincerely hope to continue working with you for a long time to come. Without doing too much more; I will just say that after my 8 years invested in this business, it is a great feeling to finally have this level of confidence in my employer.”
Charith Maduranga

Manager | Production

“It’s a pleasure to work with Black Lotus to develop my creative skills independently”.

Kumudu Virajani

Account Assistance

“I have been working happily at Black Lotus for a long time . I strive to develop the company by giving my maximum contribution. I wish Black Lotus for a successful journey ahead.”

Pathmila Ravishan

VFX & Animation

“Black Lotus is a Cheerful Place to Work while optimizing Skills and it’s a Great Pleasure To Work As an Animation Artist in Young, Proficient and Cooperative Workforce.”

Velu Sanjeewan

VFX Designer

“Black lotus is the firm that leads me along the right path for my VFX career, providing me with experience and knowledge from 0% to 100%. As a VFX Animator, I have provided the greatest output to the organization in order to fulfill the needs of the clients. I am glad that I have been working here for 4 years and to be a part of the Black lotus Team.”

Viraj Madushanka

Senior Graphic Designer

“We are not ordinary designers. We are the creatives of Black Lotus. It’s an honor to be a part of a leading creative agency in Sri Lanka.”

Dinush Rajethan

Senior Graphic Designer

“I am glad that I got to start my designing career in Black Lotus. The Agency carries loads of experience and it allows me to get engaged with multitudinous tasks with a both young and experienced workforce.”

Milshan Madawa

Graphic Designer

“Black Lotus has helped me immensely to gain the professional skills I require for a good career and to be successful as a human being.”

Hiruni Fernando

Graphic Designer

“Art represents the life scenarios. We are the creators of art, the language of heart. In Black Lotus, we beat to the rhythm of your heart.”

Dulshan Devinda

Graphic Designer

“I’m extremely proud and happy to be a part of Black Lotus. The continuous support I have received from my team members have made me reach new levels of my career. This is truly the turning point of my life as a designer!”

Sudharshani Mahanayake

Office Maintenance

“I’m so honored to be working with Black Lotus, where every employee is equally treated with kidness and care. My 7 years in this company had helped me learn and grow as a better human and it was all thanks to my employer.”